About the Maker

My name is Nikki and I'm the one woman show behind Antler & Acre. By trade I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and I am a mom of 2. I enjoy hiking, creating and sweating it out in a hot yoga room!

To be honest, when I get asked how I started making scrunchies, I often say it happened by accident. Over the last 8 years I have operated many online businesses from bath and body products, handmade watches, earrings and a line of outdoor apparel. I constantly am learning how to make things and I'm sure this won't change anytime soon. When I started Antler & Acre (before it was even called that!) I started selling DIY Scrunchie Kits, as scrunchies had come back with a vengeance and the market was very saturated. I found joy in seeking out fabric patterns to use and which other ones to pair with them. After these went live, I started getting asked if I sell the scrunchies themselves. I remember being surprised, again due to the saturated market, but happy to oblige and sell a couple to those that asked. Fast forward 2 months (September 2019) and Antler & Acre was thriving and already in 5 retail locations. I couldn't be more grateful for my customers and followers.

About the Goods

Antler & Acre's scrunchies are made from high quality fabrics such as silk, satin, chitosante and velvet. They have a strong elastic inside to provide great hold for thin or thick hair. (They got hold!) They also come in a variety of sizes such as MINI, Regular and MAXI. Each scrunchie is handmade, packed and shipped by Nikki out of Mission, BC. A&A also offers other hair accessories such as hair clips and wide tooth combs. The goal is healthy hair and no bun wobble. (And looking good of course!)


Antler & Acre uses very minimal and purposeful packaging. There is no extra "throw away" type items put into the packages, and no piece is unnecessary. Scrunchies generally ship in paper envelopes without plastic. There is no confetti, no sparkles, no stickers and no fancy envelopes. This is to ensure that there is not extra waste going into the environment due to our packaging, and that shipping rates are not inflated to provide all of these things.


Antler & Acre has a 1% partnership with Mamas for Mamas Vancouver. Check out all the amazing work they are doing here.

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