DIY Scrunchie Kit #5

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This listing is for one physical DIY Scrunchie Kit with fabrics pictured above.
The kit includes:
3 pieces of new fabric, pre-cut to the perfect size.
3 pieces of elastic
1 safety pin
1 easy to follow instruction card
A part from the kit contents, all you need is a sewing machine or even just a needle and thread! Pins are helpful too.
This project is so easy and the perfect intro to sewing if you're a beginner. Are you guilty of overspending on materials when starting a new hobby? If so, this kit is a lifesaver!
This kit is ideal for making scrunchies for yourself, friends and gifts. Multiple kits would be a fun activity for a girls' night, birthday party and is even easy enough for kids! Wanting to venture into selling you're own creations? Go for it!
If you have any questions at all about the kit, the fabric variety or the instructions, feel free to contact us for more information! Happy crafting :)